Fujitsu ST5000 Review

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It seems like all the excitement in the consumer Tablet PC market has recently been lent to Averatec's C3500 and Toshiba's R15 Convertible Tablet PC's. Undoubtedly this is understandable. With prices for these models hovering between $1,100-$1,599 these are very tempting options - and for some value-minded consumers (especially students) a mandatory requirement.

However, before jumping on the Tablet PC bandwagon and making your purchase decision based on the two most popular consumer models, we recommend that you read further! The Fujitsu ST5000 series is a worthy heavyweight contender.

Case in Point(s)

1. Without any mention of the Fujitsu Tablet PC hardware itself, just the amazing support that this company offers after your purchase is something to consider.

2. In a nutshell, the quality of the Fujitsu ST5000 product is superior in just about every aspect, and you will get a solid machine period.

3. If ultimate mobility and connectivity is what you seek in your Tablet PC, this model literally defines "mobility".

So What's the Catch?

As with any device we have ever reviewed, the ST5000 is not without its flaws, and we will discuss our nitpicks (although minor) in this review. Additionally the cost of the ST5000 is going to range about 25%-45% more than you will pay for the Toshiba R15 or Averatec C3500. Is it worth it? Well we know it certainly would be to some people, so please read on to draw your own conclusions as to whether the ST5000 Tablet PC is the right choice for you.

Overview of Form Factor, Features and Design Unlike the R15 and C3500 Convertible Tablet PC's, The ST5000 is a "Slate". While many users prefer a convertible-styled Tablet, others like the unique feel and unparalleled mobility of a Slate Tablet. The ST5000 offers exactly that and more. At only 3.3 pounds this machine is a laudable host to just about every feature a mobile professional demands.

The lightweight body and sleek streamlined case lends itself to the ultimate mobile computing experience. Beyond the super cool, ultra-modern design, the ST5000 feels exceptionally comfortable and secure to hold in your arm. The machine runs "mouse quiet" and stays comfortably cool, even during extended periods of use. User comfort is maximized by Fujitsu's thoughtful suede backing that offers additional shielding from heat generated by the processor.

Included in the Box...

- ST5000 Series Tablet PC
- Battery
- Pen & Tether (to attach to unit)
- 2 Screen Overlays (with instructions)
- Getting Started guide
- User Manual
- Cleaning cloth
- AC adapter/charger
- warranty booklet/registration card
- Software and Recovery CD's

As we discussed in our ST5000 "First Look" story, Fujitsu deserves an honorable mention for including high-quality, customized screen overlays with the unit. I feel that a screen overlay is a necessary accessory to protect your touch screen from wear and tear. Although one school of thought suggests that the Tablet PC screen surface is made just for the purpose of writing, most damage will occur when small particles of dust are dragged across the screen by the pen. Eventually all touch screens will show signs of wear because of this reason. After shelling out $2,000 for a great piece of hardware, it is nice to know that the manufacturer cares enough to give you the basic necessities to use it without damage right out of the box.


-high quality components
-great integrated wireless and expansion options
-size, Weight and Battery Life
-backed by Fujitsu's great reputation for customer support


-skimpy software bundle.
-docking station, optical drive not included

Final Thoughts

The Fujitsu ST5000 is a great choice for the right person. If you are looking for the "Lexus" of Slate Tablet PC's, you can stop here. The ST5000 exudes elegance, functionality, mobility and connectivity desired by most every mobile computing enthusiast. With this compelling hardware combined with the excellent Fujitsu customer support, you can buy this Tablet with confidence. I give this model an overwhelming "Thumbs Up".

"If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up." - Ferris Bueller